Come to Socialism 2015!

Growing poverty and inequality, unemployment and low pay, war and its horrific consequences, economic stagnation and crisis; these are the conditions suffered by billions of people under capitalism.
But across the world we are seeing the fightback growing. Lessons are being learned from the experience of austerity and the battles to date. In the US the movement for a $15 minimum wage is scoring victories. Here in Britain, there are strikes and campaigns in every area.
In Greece, workers have shown time and again that they are determined to fight back when they have the opportunity. But the capitalist system continually drives down workers and young people.
But there is a growing appetite for an alternative. In the US, 47% of people surveyed said they would vote for a socialist for president. Here a wave of enthusiasm for left-winger Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour leadership campaign has inspired a frenzied panic among the party’s Blairite leaders and discussion about the alternative to Tory austerity and to capitalism.
The Socialism 2015 weekend will give us a chance to discuss the key questions facing us in the struggle to change the world. How can we build a powerful working class movement? How can we unite our movement in the face of division and sectarianism?
At Socialism 2015 you can hear from key activists in the fight against austerity. The weekend will feature discussion on Marxist theory and its relevance today. It will celebrate the history of workers’ struggle and draw out the lessons.
And it will bring together working class fighters, trade unionists and youth and student activists, anti-cuts campaigners, and people who want to change the world, for a weekend of discussion and debate on the socialist alternative.