Black Lives matter – how to fight racism

At Socialism 2015, there will be a chance to discuss the struggle against racism, in Britain and internationally. Below are some excerpts from a recent article from our American co-thinkers, Socialist Alternative.

More details, including time and date, location, and speakers will come soon. If you’re interested in coming along, buy your ticket here.


 “U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and the Department of Justice (DOJ) have lifted the lid on the ugly reality of “criminal justice” in Ferguson. Of course, the only reason this investigation happened was due to the pressure from Ferguson’s youth revolt following the killing of Michael Brown which stayed on the streets for months and ultimately sparked a national movement!The report details how city officials turned a blind eye to the racist practices of the police and courts, sometimes encouraging them, as long as these practices boosted revenue. Ferguson’s courts used extortionist policies to use the most minor offenses to trap people in a never ending cycle of fines, arrest warrants, and court fees for years. Police ensured a steady stream of people passed through the court system, often times, through unconstitutional means. The DOJ found police used the threat of incarceration almost exclusively for the purpose of collecting payments.”

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