Refugees and solidarity

At Socialism 2015, there will be a chance to discuss the refugee crisis, and how socialists should campaign. Below are some excerpts from a recent article in the Socialist Party’s weekly paper, the socialist.

More details, including time and date, location, and speakers will come soon. If you’re interested in coming along, buy your ticket here.

Human tragedy of Calais crisis

“Despite weeks of scaremongering headlines and reports about the desperate people encamped at Calais, David Cameron still found a way to escalate the anti-immigrant bile. He described the estimated 3,000 asylum seekers and migrants camped at Calais as a “swarm of people”.

This was a deliberate attempt to whip up some workers’ fears over the scale of immigration in order to falsely lay the blame for austerity at the door of migrants and asylum seekers.

It is preparation for the Tories’ plan to viciously ratchet up their cuts and their repressive and racist measures. But it also triggered an angry response and even a mini-swarm of articles that gave some facts on the situation.

The figures grant a glimpse of the human tragedy that exists. Since the start of June, ten people have died on the roads around Calais. A pregnant woman miscarried in her attempt to get on a lorry to Britain. There are 629 children alone in Kent needing support and care.”

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