Labour at the crossroads – what next?

At Socialism 2015, there will be a chance to discuss the impact of Jeremy Corbyns campaign, what it means for Labour, socialists and working class people. Below are some exerts from a recent article in the Socialist Party’s weekly paper, the socialist.

More details, including time and date, location, and speakers will come soon. If you’re interested in coming along, buy your ticket here.

Corbyn campaign –¬†Surges, purges and preparation

“‘Corbynmania’ saw no let up throughout August. Rain or shine, thousands of people, both young and experienced, thronged to hear the left-wing candidate for the Labour¬†leadership at meetings across the length and breadth of Britain. An estimated 30,000 people have now attended meetings, or tried to, queuing outside and cramming into overspill meetings.

Labour’s membership, which had only increased by around 500 during the years of its me-tooism to the Con-Dem government’s austerity, has risen to 299,755, by almost 50%. In addition, there are 189,703 political levy payers in affiliated trade unions who have signed up (for free) for the leadership contest vote as ‘individual affiliated members’, and 121,295 others who have paid ¬£3 to be a ‘registered supporter’. It seems that most have signed up to vote for Jeremy Corbyn. This represents a breaking into politics of some of those who have been denied a political voice since Blair’s right-wing takeover of Labour.”

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