Greece: how can endless austerity be defeated?

Greek Socialist Andreas Payiatsos of Xekinima (CWI) to speak at socialism 2015


At every stage working class people in Greece have heroically fought against the misery and threats meted out by the institutions of European capitalism. After more than 30 general strikes they elected Syriza – on an anti-austerity programme – in the face of the frenzied opposition of the 1%.

Then, in the referendum on 5 July 2015, a magnificent 61% people voted ‘oxi’ despite all the blackmail of the troika of the European Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund. This victory appeared to break the logjam and raised the prospect that a mass struggle for an alternative to austerity and neoliberal capitalism was possible.

Unfortunately, these hopes were dashed by the capitulation by Syriza prime minister Alexis Tsipras to the terms of the bailout imposed by the troika. This betrayed the hopes and aspirations of the Greek people and those of the whole of Europe. Activists are now faced with the question: was such a capitulation inevitable given the balance of forces of ‘tiny Greece’ pitted against the Goliath of the troika and EU alliance of capitalist powers?

Come and hear Andreas Payiatsos argue that it is possible to end austerity in Greece. He will explain that to do so requires a decisive programme to break with the EU and the capitalist system.

Only a democratic mass party with a clear socialist programme and the mobilisation of the working class of Greece and across Europe can successfully defeat the demands of the troika.

Andreas will be speaking on the tasks facing socialists in Greece between 10am and 12 on November 8th as part of the Sunday sessions of debate and discussion and will be speaking at the closing rally later that day.

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