Growing poverty and inequality, unemployment and low pay, war and its horrific consequences, economic stagnation and crisis; these are the facts of life under capitalism.

But across the world we are seeing the fightback growing. There is a growing appetite for an alternative. In the US, 47% of people surveyed said they would vote for a socialist for president!

Here in Britain, hundreds of thousands have marched against austerity, strikes take place every day, people are discussing how to fight austerity!

At these rallies the speakers will provide a serious analysis – but also propose serious socialist action based on the collective potential power of the working class to fight.




Peter Taaffe

Former editor of Militant, the Marxist paper, expelled from Labour, now Socialist Party general secretary

Paul Murphy

Prominent fighter in the mass campaign of non-payment of water charges in Ireland, now facing prosecution for peaceful protest. Socialist Party member and Anti-Austerity Alliance TD (Irish MP)

Jawad Ahmad

Pakistani singer and activist in the International Youth and Workers Movement

Suzanne Muna

Unite Housing Workers’ branch and Unite executive (personal capacity)

Chris Baugh

Assistant General Secretary of the PCS civil service workers’ union

Helen Pattison

London Youth Fight Austerity

Rally pic 1

Strike, organise, resist!

Sunday 8th November 3pm


Hannah Sell

Last Labour Party Young Socialists rep on the Labour National Executive, now Socialist Party deputy general secretary

Andreas Payiatsos

Greek socialist at the forefront of rebuilding the resistance after Syriza backed down in the fight against the austerity of the 1% and the EU. Leading member of Xekinima, CWI in Greece

Dave Nellist

TUSC national chair and former socialist Labour MP (1983-1992) and councillor (1998-2012)

Peter Pinkney

President of the RMT transport union

Roger Bannister

Candidate for general secretary of Unison, the biggest public sector union, standing as a workers’ leader on a worker’s wage



Both rallies will take place  at Camden Centre, Judd St, WC1H 9JE.

To get a flavour of what to expect from the Socialism 2015 rallies, check out this video of our rally from last year